Flower Therapy

Peach Flowered Tea Tree

What is Flower Therapy ?

Flower Therapy is a innovative method of complementary medicine, simple enough for anyone to use and gentle enough to be given to babies.
Flower Therapy works by taking the remedies orally. Flower essences act on negative emotions and mental states (phobias, distress, fears, low self-esteem, shyness, anger, anxiety, guilt, depression…) which in the long term can also impact negatively on the body. The flower remedies also work to improve overall performance. They are not to be confused with Aromatherapy essences.

What are Flower Remedies made from ?

The Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers soaked in a bowl of spring water and placed in the sun for some hours to extract the natural healing power  expressed by flowering plant and trees.

When were they first made ?

The discovery of the beneficial and curative properties of the flowers was tested for the first time by Edward Bach (1886-1939), a Welsh medical immunologist and microbiologist, homeopath and researcher.
He was the first to understand the connection of the mind and the body, that illness derives
from a person’s negative emotional state with regards to the events in their lives.

What are the First Twelve Remedies and the typologies ?

E. Bach developed thirty-eight remedies in all. With the First Twelve Remedies discovered he was able to compare the characteristics of  the flowers with the main human personalities or typologies. This has been of vital importance in order to give us able means of eliminating the less agreeable parts of our own personality that follow us in life from our first steps like an undesired shadow.

How ‘s The Flower Therapy spread in other countries ?

Subsequently, these discoveries spread to intuitive people in other countries giving rise to the creation of a wider variety of flower remedies devised to act on even the most sensitive aspects of the human psyche. As a result, we now can choose from an effective  range of amazing flower remedies from California, Scotland, The Himalayas, Australia, Arizona, Alaska and elsewhere.
Flower  remedies should be considered not only as a way to heal but as an evolutionary means to help us exceed the limits of current levels of knowledge and to develop the intuition innate in each of us.

“ Behind every disease lies a person’s fears, anxieties, greed, likes and dislikes.”

Dr. Edward Bach