“ Paola is very knowledgeable and intuitive and has a wonderful understanding of the complex emotional issues that we face everyday. She uses many different techniques to discover a remedy suited to each individual and the issues they are facing. I enjoyed my time with Paola and am looking forward to the positive changes that will ensue from my remedy. ”
Diana Carr

“ Paola was attentive to understanding and prescribing an appropriate course of action that suited my needs. ”
Sandra Jacobs – Cash

” Wow, truth is always in the pudding! Paola requested from me a photo. I trusted that sending a photo would be of some use. No information was required, just a picture!!!
The result blew me away. From pictures of myself, my son & even my dog Paola was able to tell me what our íssues were’& made the required remedy. Sceptical at first, but unlike other ‘tonic remedies’these tasted just like water. And what a difference.
I was on the edge of a melt down, and suddenly I felt calmer, assured and more confident. My son, who was struggling with separating was finding it easier. And my destructing dog wasn’t destroying windows & doors trying to get into the house, to then destroy the front door trying to get out to us!
From pictures she could establish how we were progressing & she knew. They do say a picture can tell a thousand stories – trust in that.
To experience such an amazing talent is incredible. And if you have that opportunity then you are truly blessed to be led down this path.
I cannot recommend Paola more highly. A true angel – thank you. ”

Kim Zwulik

“ Paola has been a great support in the diagnose and provision of flower remedies to my father, who got bowel cancer. She did so with via the dowsing method over my dad’s picture. She was able to identify the most appropriate remedy for him and I know, from him, that they have worked marvelously. These remedies did not cure the cancer itself, but offered him the courage and the serenity to face this phase of his life. She has been mastering this art for more than 20 years and she is able to offer personalised treatments which really make a difference in the way we recognise, react to and accept situations. ”
Daniela Altea

Through combined use of eft and flower remedies I have worked with Paola over time to help heal unresolved grief from loss of a parent in my childhood, and also healing of fears and phobias that I have held for many years. I have found these therapies both extremely effective.
Stefano Mazzina

“  Thank you so much for teaching me Emotional Freedom Technique.  The most dramatic effect tapping had on me was to enable me to climb a mountain in Sri Lanka after tapping the night before for a period of 10 mins. I woke the next morning with no feelings of fear whatsoever climbed the mountain with no problems it took hours I climbed up and down with no problems. Before tapping I was very anxious hyperventilating and dizzy at the thought and always had a very sick feeling in my stomach when looking down from a height I would feel very nervous and dizzy. It works very well.  Thank you again… ”
Ann Dennis

“ In the five years that I have known Paola, My family have sought healing on numerous occasions on a variety of levels.  Her many years of experience and wealth of knowledge of Flower Therapy have helped to resolve a variety of both physical and mental issues within my family such as anxiety, phobias and serious health issues, from my newborn baby to my elder children and also for myself and my husband. We have also sought Paola’s Dowsing geopathic test technique advice on numerous occasions to determine different energy levels within our home allowing us to live and sleep within the best places and therefore live a healthier life.
Skye Hawkins