About the Practitioner

Paola Bignu, Emotional therapist at Healing Flowers

Paola Bignù, Emotional Therapist

Paola Bignù’s knowledge is based on twenty-seven years of study, practice and teaching of psycho-physical equilibrium.

She has been a practitioner and teacher in Italy: as a herbalist, dowser, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner, Buteyko Method (breathing re-education for asthmatics), Hydrotherapy (frequencies of White Light Waters) and Flower Therapy, prescribing and selecting the most effective Flower Remedies around the world for over twenty years. She uses Flower remedies from Wales, California, The Himalayas, Scotland, Arizona, Alaska, West Australia and Australian Bush Flowers.

Paola has also been involved in the cultivation and transformation of organic/biodynamic medicinal plants, as well as managing a herbalist store and the production of  herbal medicines.

Paola currently practices in 2 clinics on the Mid North Coast, in Coffs Harbour and Bellingen, NSW, Australia. More about consultations…

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